Generate Auto number Field in SharePoint list

Generate Auto number Field in SharePoint list

To create auto generated list field do the following
1.       Create a column field with data type number in the targeted list. For example I am creating an auto generated column Case ID.

2.       Now to make the auto generated column hidden when a new item is created in the list we have to hide it in content types.
First go to list settings-> Then in General settings go to Advanced Settings

3.       In Advanced settings Click the radio button Yes , in Allow management of content types .And Click OK.

4.       Now go to list settings again and a new Content types will be shown. In that click the Content type. In my case it is Item. Name may vary for you.

5.       In that Content type all list columns will be shown. In that click the Case ID Column.

6.       After  that click the Hidden and then click OK

7.       Then open SharePoint Designer create a new workflow for the list when a new item is created

8.       And add update action to the list.

9.       Click Add .In set this field value select Case ID

10.   And for To this value select ID. Click OK and publish the workflow. Now a auto generated list column is created.


  1. It is generating same number..not auto generated number

  2. It's using the ID field of the item which is flawed logic - the ID Field itself is already 'auto generated' but numbers are not re-used. If someone creates/deletes an item, the number cannot be reclaimed.

    The better logic: Use the workflow to lookup a value in another list, increment the number and update both lists - just like we did in the old days with SQL.

    1. Can you please expand on this item. I have a list that I would like to generate numbers automatically up to 25. But when one of the items is no longer needed, and it is deleted or archived, the number can be used again.
      I know it's been a while from your post, but thank you. I'd appreciate the assist. We are running this on SharePoint 2013.


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