April 8, 2011

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Validate Start Date and End Date in Sharepoint

Hi guys,

We often get into validating the end date which should be greater than start date...So follow these steps to perform that...

 1. Go to list settings in that to General Settings and Click Validation Settings

2.Then Add this in Formula =[End Date] >= [Start Date]..Also Type in user Message what error to show .And click save.

3. Now try adding new item for that list.That is it.

For more doubts on sharepoint you can mail me ...premtd@sharepointbasic.com

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  1. I am using your formula but this is the error message i'm getting when i click ok. What is the reason that it's not accepting the formula. "Sorry, something went wrong.
    The formula cannot refer to another column. Check the formula for spelling mistakes or update the formula to reference only this column." ([End Date]>=[Start Date])