May 30, 2011

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Step one:
Open SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

Step two:
Click new add new project and add Report Server Project.

Step Three:
Right Click on Shared Data Source and click Add New Data source to add connection.

Step four:
In General tab add the Name for the Data Source
Select Type as XML
Add connection String as

Step five:
In Credentials tab select the Integrated Security...

Step six:
Right click on Reports and Click on Add New Report

Step Seven:
Give the Report name and click next.
Then type the Query String code as given below…

<Method Namespace="" Name="GetListItems">
<Parameter Name="listName">
<DefaultValue>{LIST GUID}</DefaultValue>
<ElementPath IgnoreNamespaces="true">*</ElementPath>

Step Eight:
Add the page> to add the heading for the Reporting Service

Step nine:
Generated Report Screen Shot

Step ten:
By right clicking the project enter the
Target Data Source Folder
Target Report Folder
Target Server URL

Finally Deploy to the server .


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