Pages in SharePoint

A web page is an information resource that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser.

There are 3 types of pages available in SharePoint by default they are
1. Webpart Page
2. Publishing Page
3. Wiki Page

There also 2 types of custom pages available in SharePoint they are
1. Custom ASPX Page
2. Custom HTML Page

Web Part pages contain Web Parts that display list data, information, graphics, or rich media in a dynamic Web page. The layout and content of a Web Part page can be set for all users and optionally personalized for individual users.

Webpart pages are available in all SharePoint site templates.
All default webparts available in SharePoint can be loaded in a webpart page or custom webparts developed in visual studio can also be loaded.
Webparts can be targeted to a particular audience only.
Webparts can also be added above a document library or a list
Webparts can be added above a new entry form of a list or document library.
Webparts cannot be added in an InfoPath form page.

Use a Web Part page to display information from an available webpart or to display rich media, such as videos

2. Publishing page:

Publishing pages are available only in publishing sites. In publishing sites, authors and approvers use the publishing feature to create content and then make it available for site visitors. Usually, a publishing site has an approval workflow enabled, so content is reviewed and approved prior to being published.

Publishing page are organized pages with template layouts.
Any user with create page credentials can create a publishing page.
Administrators can approve those pages before publishing.

Use a Publishing page when users are required to create a page on a specific structure layout and requires content approval before it’s published

3. Wiki Page:

Wiki pages are informal, open for editing by almost anyone in the organization

Wiki pages are present in all SharePoint site templates
Wiki pages are informal, open for editing by almost anyone in the organization   

Use a wiki page when information is to be shared to all users in a collaborative way that allows users to add contents without approval

4. Custom ASPX Page:

Custom ASPX pages can be created using SharePoint Designer.

5. Custom HTML Page:

Custom HTML pages can be created using SharePoint Designer.


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