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Search SharePoint list or library using Jquery

  In this post I will be detailing on how to achieve the search inside a SharePoint list or document library using jquery in simple steps. Step 1) Download these two files from the below link Click here to download jquery.min.js Click here to download jsapi.js Step 2) Upload these two files in your SharePoint site’s document library. Step 3) Now go to the list or library where search functionality needs to be added. And Click Site settings > Edit Page In the SP ribbon click on Insert > web Part In the categories of webpart select Media and content In webparts select Content Editor webpart and Click Add finally. Step 4) Click on the Content Editor webpart and in the ribbon its properties are added.   Under format Text > Click HTML and click Edit HTML Source, a modal box opens up. Step 5) Add the following code in the HTML source modal box and click OK. <script src="YOUR SITE LINK TO jsapi.js"