December 16, 2012

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Display SQL table in InfoPath form - Part Two

To display SQL tables in read only format inside an browser enabled infopath form , follow the below steps.

The Article is divided into 2 parts of posts. 

Continuing from Part One....

Select the fields to display in the infopath and click next and next to finish the wizard.

Go to data → And click Show Fields


In the Fields , Select the database fields which we added now.

Step 14)

After selecting the database fields , Click the repeating table (in our case d.emp) and drag it to the design form

step 15)

After drag and dropping select the Repeating Table

Step 16)

All the database columns are displayed in the repeating table format

step 17)

Select the Name text field and click properties and in properties click on the display tab.
Under display tab make it read only.
Like wise do the same to the remaining filelds.

Step 18)
Goto data connections select our database sql connection and click on convert to connection string.

Then give the Data connection library path . Click OK.

Step 19)

Go to the data connection library and approve the new data connection.

Step 20)
Publish the Infopath form to the site.

Step 21)

Click next and publish

Step 22)

After publish view the details of infopath retrieving details from the database



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