How to backup and restore in Sharepoint

SharePoint has always offered good backup and restore facilities but the 2010 version provides more versatile options with the option to backup and restore farms as well as web applications and, take granular backups.

1.     From your All Programs menu launch Microsoft SharePoint 2010 products
2.     Select SharePoint 2010 Central Administration

Ensure that the SharePoint 2010 Timer and SharePoint 2010 Administration windows services are running.

3.     On the left menu of the tool, select the Backup and Restore link

Here you will see two sections:  Farm Backup and Restore and Granular Backup

Farm Backup and Restore:  enables the backup of SharePoint farm and web applications for restoration when required. 

a.     Select Perform a backup
b.     Choose whether you want to backup an entire farm or an individual web application or component
c.     Define the backup type:
·         Full backup – this is recommended if your database is relatively small in size to make restoration easier.
·         Differential backup – this can only be performed if a full backup has has been taken already as, it combines the changes that have been made since the last full backup.

For large databases, both backup types can be combined to reduce the backup time and storage.  In such a case, during restoration, the latest full backup needs to be restored followed by the latest differential backup.

d.     Specify the location where you want a folder to be created to store the backup components – SharePoint will display the estimated disk space required for the backup.
e.     Click the Start Backup button

a.     From the Backup and Restore page, select Restore from a backup
b.     Specify the location where you have stored the backup to be restored and click the Next button
c.     From the window that displays al the components that the backup contains, select what you want restored
d.     Specify if the restore will use the existing configuration or not – this final step gives you the flexibility to restore the backup to a new environment

Granular Backup - enables the backup of a site collection, the exporting of a site or list and the recovery of data from an unattached content database.

This method of backup can be implemented through the Central Administrator or PowerShell.

Using the Central Administrator to backup
a.     Select Perform a site collection backup
b.     Specify the site collection that you wish to backup from the menu
c.     Define the proper UNC path and the backup file name
d.     Start the back up – note, this redirects to the _admin/sitebackuporexportstatus.aspx  page

This generates a .bak file which can be used for restoration.

You can also create a backup by selecting the Export a site or list function under the Granular Backup options.  This generates a .cmp file which can be used for restoration using the PowerShell Import-SPWeb cmdlet.

Using PowerShell to restore
The two cmdlets that are available for restore operations are:

·         restore-spsite used to restore site collections
·         Import-spweb used to restore sites, lists and libraries

By Hollie Miller

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