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Hassle-free File Server to SharePoint Migration – Basic Ideas

SharePoint is a web-based platform introduced by Microsoft to meet the collaboration requirements of organizations. Effective collaboration and sharing of documents among employees is vital to the success of an organization. By implementing SharePoint, organizations reduce their operational costs and improve productivity.
While implementing SharePoint, organizations needs to move all their shared content from File Servers to SharePoint. The decisions to migrate data from a known platform to a new one is really a tough one. Once decision has been taken, you need to go through a lengthy procedure that mostly involve the following steps:
1.Requirement analysis 2.Migration planning 3.Pre-migration analysis 4.Migration 5.Migration validation
Requirement analysis SharePoint is relatively a new product that is emerging and evolving gradually to a mature collaboration and content management platform. Before adopting it in your organization, you should know what it is for, how it can be utili…